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Have fire, will cook


Graduation love me some. It wasn't too eventful, but it was still nice to get the final word. After-Grad was better than $100 of shit could ever be. After-Grad equaled Friday's, about 5,000 "Congrats", a stroll in Downtown GR, and a dream fulfilled: I got pied in the face. Suck on THAT REAL AFTER-GRAD!!!!!

Before I set off to graduation my parents gave me some gifts. I got a digital camera, which was so incredibly wonderful. My grandma gave me an iPod and a large sum of money, and I couldn't help but break down and start bawling. I just couldn't understand that these things I didn't have came to me all at once. It was overwhelming and I am so grateful for everything.

Now on to a lighter note.

Camping made me want to stay in Hemlock loop for eternity. Although the water was shut off this time around and we had to resort to the outhouse down the road instead of the running toilets, it all turned out okay. The cast: Michael, Bonnie, Dave, Susan, Maris, my mom and me. Not a lot of people considering the mega population that used to inhabit our campsites in the yester-years. But it still rocked ass.

We managed to dodge the usual rainstorm that hits every Memorial Day weekend. It was really windy and overcast on Sunday evening, so we decided to pack up shit in case of rain. It sprinkled, but nothing bad at all. It was nice. Michael told a choppy Thumbless Paul, but I still loved it. The sky was clear Saturday night and you could practically see the entire universe. Unfortunately, I was too tired by that time to go down to the beach to star-gaze. Shitskers.

I tried really hard to read the biography of Al Capone I checked out at the library. I was determined. Obviously, not enough, and my short attention span got the best of me.

I was able to familiarize myself with my new Ipod, and realized that I am in love with it. I plan to put tons of shit on it, and possibly even buy some Mah-Jong. Ooooh!! That would be so radical.

Tomorrow I will go to Curves and probably take some bottles and cans back for some extra dough. Then I have to make a call to Andrea and Toni to go to tea. I'm so excited. YUM.

Then it's back to the homestead to work on Graduation Invitations. I went through my art from when I was a kiddie and also all my papers and worksheets from elementary school. It was a nice time travel. I have to decide what I'm using everything for, but mostly hanging a timeline of art on the walls and under plastic tablecloths on the tables. I am stoked.

After finally being able to take a shower and some delicious Frosted Flakes, it's my time to get some sleep. I can't wait for potential cucumber sandwiches!!!
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