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An Entry With a Wide Span.

A lot of things.

Cam's painting has been done for a couple weeks. We had a big surprise reveal at my aunt Sandy and uncle Ric's house. Everyone really liked it. So now that that's out of the way, I have a feng-shuied (and clean) room to look at. Yay.

School started. Yeah. That's about it.

Two weeks into it and I'm already swamped. It seems my "fun and interesting" schedule has turned into "interesting but difficult and not that incredibly and fantastically fun". Let's seee...

Euro History is cool, except for the book being boring as hell. It's Sister Wendy-packed and Art-galore. Just to my liking.

Government is hilarious, and that's pretty much it.

Sociology is a total bore, and the reading material is stupid. Every day it's "Get with a partner" or "Get in a group"....sick.

World Conflicts is a really cool class. It's a lot of work.

Multimedia is my most excellently favorite class. We didn't get to use the computers for about a week, because the computers didn't have Flash and stuff on them. But now they do. And I can't stop. It's sooo awesome and addicting. Yup.

And....AP art. It's awesome because everyone's in that class. It sucks because Ms. Kent doesn't really know anything, especially how to communicate projects to people. That's all I'm going to say.


Yesterday was my first oil painting class at Kendall, as my early birthday present. It was awesome!! I got a lot of feedback and the instructor is okay. She is kind of weird and a little intimidating, but we'll see where it goes.

So Andrea, Hannah and I are going to do Flight of the Conchords for the Variety Show. It has become a lot harder than we thought it would. With our lack of timing and expressions, it seems we need to step it up a lot. So let's get started. Yesterday Andrea, Hannah, Tracey and I had a total dance party. It was amazing. Later in the night Kelsey Lewis and Nicole Taylor surprisingly showed up and danced for a song. It was cool.



Note that this has autosaved itself about 50 times and I've restored the draft about 5 times. So...some stuff is totally outdated. I mean, like, soo yesterday!

Auditions. Were yesterday. I hadn't even thought about them much during the day, but then it came down to crunch-time and my stomach was turning a million times. Anywaysss, I think I did fairly okay. I read only once, and I was the only one who read for Clelia. So, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Or maybe KP knows me well enough to know I don't fit the character. Ugh. I don't know. I will find out tomorrow if I made callbacks. Soo.....yeah. Whatever. Just don't think about it, Amy.

So. Filming. Was today. And it was my first attempt at trying to be more involved. I think I contributed. So that's good. Whoo-hoo.

Oh yeah! I volunteered at a UICA event, where they basically ask rich people for their money. Yess. I got to go to the Blodgett Estate, which is--not exaggerating--a mansion. It was amazing. Art in every room, and it was real real. A REAL Warhol Soup Can, Lichtenstein, Picasso, and Calder. AHHHH. I just about died. Spiral staircase, beautiful marble floors, huge library full of books, tennis court, HUGE backyard leading to the lake, their own topiary maze, and a million other things.

There were all these crazy professional rich-ass people, it was so awesome. I was the greeter, so I got to see everyone coming in. There were these two guys who looked like they were in the secret service. They had black sunglasses and suits. It was sweet. This other lady had a crazy poof of grey hair and sunglasses. She looked pretty glamorous. This one couple pulled up in their Ferrari, and all the guys I was working with (other ArtWorks students, specifically Luis and Ja-Quari, and then Luis' brother, Luis. Hahaha) took eachother's pictures next to the car. It was so hilarious.

Well, we got to have some of the food, and it was A-Mazing. I'm pretty sure I at Escargo. It was disgusting. But, between shishkabobs and delicious fruit, it was all good.

So Wendy came. Haha. It was so funny when she walked in, I just waved a little bit and she was like "AHH!! Amy!!" and she gave me a hug. Haha. Her cousin owns this mansion, you see. Ugh. Not fair.

And guess who else decided to show up?? HOPWOOD DUPREE! Holy shit. It was amazing. He was like, 2 inches away from me. I was awestruck. Pretty cool, man. AND, he's pretty fucking good-looking. Holy shit. HOT. Sorry, two T's....HOTT.

My Ipod died. I don't have the thing that plugs into the wall, it's lost. So...I can't listen to music at school or whatever until the weekend when Andrew comes home. Boo.

I also don't have a stereo yet, or my art supplies for my oil painting class. Anyone want to go to Michael's with me? Before Saturday 12:00?? Hmm...

Speaking of Andrew, I was a model for like, and hour. With my car too. Nancy's a star!!!!! Andrew had to do a photoshoot for his photography class, and I got to model. Whoo....haha. I used all my tips from Tyra, OBVIOUSLY. Because she's the greatest thing ever made. HAHAHAAHAHA.

Anyways, that was coool.

MARTIN SEXTON ON SATURDAY!!! I'm so fucking Jessica Stoked.

Let's seeeeeee....

Something will come to mind right after I click Post.

So let's just leave it at this.
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