Amy (stufurowntrky) wrote,

Yuck. Time is moving quickly and not letting me do what I want.

Things are getting piled up, and all I do is school school school. I started on my much anticipated vase and can't seem to find any time to work on it. It looks as though I will not be able to any time soon.

Homework in every class, non stop thinking about tasks to complete. I have so many notes and papers built up, but my number one piece of literature is my To-Do list. I'm pretty sure I would go insane if I didn't write a to-do list every week or so. Well, more insane than I already am.

Here's a summary of classes: Theater SUCKS, Nancy Wagner is CRAZY, Art History is AMAZING, Drawing is THE BEST, Film is OKAY, and Pottery is GETTING BETTER, but I still don't understand how my professor can talk for two hours straight about absolutely NOTHING. Someone get him a glass of water!

I wish I had another Chicago weekend, it was the best weekend I've had in a very very long time. And, being skeptical about the weekend activities, I solidified my point of how I can have fun and not give in to peer pressure. Cheesy!!! But true. I needed that weekend to get away. God, I wish I could go back. SO BAD. Some day.

Meanwhile, I still don't have anything to do except for schoolwork. This house is a pretty lonely place, but my kitty has been keeping me company. Until everyone comes back to town, it looks like I'll be in solitude.

I've gotten me some babysitting jobs, which is mighty fine! One is three kids, one is four. A boatload, for sure, but it'll bring in some money which is worth it. To the max.

I have so many things I want to do, I need some sort of escape getaway to have an art marathon. If I could have a week to myself where I didn't have to worry about anything, I would spend the entire time doing all the art projects I've been yearning to do for the past couple months. Mainly FIMO. In all that time I didn't have any fimo, I filled the pages of my sketchbook with tons of ideas for projects. Now that I am fully stocked, the only thing I don't have is time. DAMNIT!! This sucks ass. Major.

I've also been seriously thinking about checking out the field of Pastry. If somewhere in my two years of CC I can find time, I would absolutely LOVE to take some culinary courses. Bakery, Pastry, and Cake Decorating Basics. Ooohhh man I hope I can. I can't wait. CANNOT WAIT.

The glass vase I'm currently covering is huge, and so far I've put a base gradient of dark sea green at the bottom fading into light sea green at the top. Eventually I'll cover it with tree branches and either magenta or purple blossoms. I am soooo excited but I am not exactly sure the next time I'll be able to work on it.

My music video is coming along. I am really proud of what I've done so far, but my whole set got destroyed. Hopefully I can put it back together and make it look seamless. Otherwise, I'm thinking of switching to a completely different scene somehow so I don't have to worry about restoring the set.

Speaking of music video, I would like to credit a certain person/group of persons for the song I'm using for my music video. And given the recent events, I don't want it to seem like I was using the song as my own finding, or that I'm completely forgetting where it came from. Every time I work on the video I am reminded of those years of joy and wonderful memories. It's a shame that all of that can be forgotten because of stupid misunderstandings and skewed meanings. It makes me sad, but I wanted to make this movie as an attempt to bring back the cheerful atmosphere of the great adventures. I hope this certain person(s) can appreciate it.
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