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So. Yeah.



Hmm.....what has been going on?

My parents and I went to Cincinnatti on Wednesday to the ATP Masters other words, a tennis tournament. It was pretty cool, because we got to see EVERYONE. The top 25 men...Roddick, Federer, Djokovic, Hewitt, the Bryan brothers, Baghdatis, on and on and on.

But, it was absolutely blistering hot. And humid on top of that. The temperature reached 101, I believe, and 115 on the court. OUCH! So yeah. That sucked. Especially the part when I had to go to First Aid because I felt like I was going to throw up and pass out. So I had to lay on the hospital bed with a cold pack on my back, beside several other people with the same condition. One lady was like, crying because she felt so humiliated being there.

I sort of felt embarrassed as well, because of the fact that I was a wuss and had to go to First Aid. Whatever. So they gave me tons of Powerade to get my electrolites up. And then, finally, I got out, feeling slightly better. About an hour and a half later I had to go to the bathroom and my mom says energetically "Oh Goody!! That means you've been drinking!!!"...Hahahahaha. Oh god. So funny.

So we went to the Marriott for breakfast, which was horrible by the way....anyways, we were walking out when I saw a familiar face.....and who should that face belong to but RAFAEL NADAL. What the holy fuck!!!! I was within ten feet of the handsome #2 Spaniard. Holy shit. It was AMAZING. And this was right after my mom told me we wouldn't be able to see him because he injured his wrist...... SIGH........

Well the trip was great, although I don't think I'll ever do it again. After my incident, and two straight days of tennis, I think I'm a little worn out. But thanks Mom.

Blah blah blah.

I've been doing quite a bit of art lately. I just finished a huge batch of pins today for Art Out Loud. I can't wait, although I am horribly nervous for caricatures. Fuck!! I am terrified that I'm not going to do well. Ugh. I hope my pins sell, though. My mom says if I were to sell all of my pins, I would probably make $400 or so. Wtf?! Okay. That's cool. But I don't think my sales will go well. I'm hoping people will be attracted to them, but I can't be certain. Whatever. I am fucking stoked for Domestic Problems. Yeah!

So I have like, $180 from paintings. Yesss. As soon as I finish Cam's painting, I'll be sliding into home plate with some money to deposit. Aha! Awesome.

I have a ton of dates to remember. Luckily, I have my trusty calendar on my phone to remind me. Tomorrow is lunch with the Rumors girls. Next, we have yummy orientation. Then it's off to Art Out Loud. Followed by babysitting. Then more babysitting. And we'll top that off with a cast party (with Uncle Ray mutilation as an added bonus).

Sounds mighty tasty to me. EAT IT UP.
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