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08:21pm 20/10/2008
  Yuck. Time is moving quickly and not letting me do what I want.

Things are getting piled up, and all I do is school school school. I started on my much anticipated vase and can't seem to find any time to work on it. It looks as though I will not be able to any time soon.

Homework in every class, non stop thinking about tasks to complete. I have so many notes and papers built up, but my number one piece of literature is my To-Do list. I'm pretty sure I would go insane if I didn't write a to-do list every week or so. Well, more insane than I already am.

Here's a summary of classes: Theater SUCKS, Nancy Wagner is CRAZY, Art History is AMAZING, Drawing is THE BEST, Film is OKAY, and Pottery is GETTING BETTER, but I still don't understand how my professor can talk for two hours straight about absolutely NOTHING. Someone get him a glass of water!

I wish I had another Chicago weekend, it was the best weekend I've had in a very very long time. And, being skeptical about the weekend activities, I solidified my point of how I can have fun and not give in to peer pressure. Cheesy!!! But true. I needed that weekend to get away. God, I wish I could go back. SO BAD. Some day.

Meanwhile, I still don't have anything to do except for schoolwork. This house is a pretty lonely place, but my kitty has been keeping me company. Until everyone comes back to town, it looks like I'll be in solitude.

I've gotten me some babysitting jobs, which is mighty fine! One is three kids, one is four. A boatload, for sure, but it'll bring in some money which is worth it. To the max.

I have so many things I want to do, I need some sort of escape getaway to have an art marathon. If I could have a week to myself where I didn't have to worry about anything, I would spend the entire time doing all the art projects I've been yearning to do for the past couple months. Mainly FIMO. In all that time I didn't have any fimo, I filled the pages of my sketchbook with tons of ideas for projects. Now that I am fully stocked, the only thing I don't have is time. DAMNIT!! This sucks ass. Major.

I've also been seriously thinking about checking out the field of Pastry. If somewhere in my two years of CC I can find time, I would absolutely LOVE to take some culinary courses. Bakery, Pastry, and Cake Decorating Basics. Ooohhh man I hope I can. I can't wait. CANNOT WAIT.

The glass vase I'm currently covering is huge, and so far I've put a base gradient of dark sea green at the bottom fading into light sea green at the top. Eventually I'll cover it with tree branches and either magenta or purple blossoms. I am soooo excited but I am not exactly sure the next time I'll be able to work on it.

My music video is coming along. I am really proud of what I've done so far, but my whole set got destroyed. Hopefully I can put it back together and make it look seamless. Otherwise, I'm thinking of switching to a completely different scene somehow so I don't have to worry about restoring the set.

Speaking of music video, I would like to credit a certain person/group of persons for the song I'm using for my music video. And given the recent events, I don't want it to seem like I was using the song as my own finding, or that I'm completely forgetting where it came from. Every time I work on the video I am reminded of those years of joy and wonderful memories. It's a shame that all of that can be forgotten because of stupid misunderstandings and skewed meanings. It makes me sad, but I wanted to make this movie as an attempt to bring back the cheerful atmosphere of the great adventures. I hope this certain person(s) can appreciate it.

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12:45pm 18/09/2008
  It seems that the college life is good to me. Familiar faces are everywhere, unfortunately. But once in a while it's a pleasure. Heath Ledger's girlfriend, Alex Keyes, goes here. A celebrity!! Sadly, the only time we have to talk is a quick 2 second hi-goodbye getting on and off the bus. Classes are great, classes are interesting, classes are simple, classes are enjoyable. Laura's right by my side in Drawing, as well as Angela from Artworks. And let's just add Luis while we're at it. Theater turned out to be an incredibly easy opportunity to meet some people. The skateboarding, California clone of Chris Birkmeier was there, too, his name was Guntez. After a couple classes, though, he found out he was in the wrong time slot. Goodbye Hank.

The film teacher is a funny guy. Apparently, he likes to play it as safe as possible and assume that everyone lives in the 20th century. Our project is to create a 3-8 minute movie. He expects that we'll all be using a camcorder and a VCR to edit, and assumes that no one owns a Mac. All the better, though. Low expectations means I can safely predict an A for me. Whoo hoo!

Drawing is one of the best classes, not only because of Laura and Angela, but I think my teacher likes me alright. I have been, however, getting in some trouble for talking too much. I thought she hated me for that at first, but Tuesday proved otherwise. We talked and I explained, the result being I have to shut up a little bit. But she knows now that I can successfully talk and draw simultaneously. It's just the others that maybe don't want to be disturbed. And we were in the middle of a political discussion too. Damn.

Otherwise, life's okay. I finally paid a visit to Michael's, after a long period of withdrawal and supply shortage. I made my Obama pins, and they're selling like hotcakes. It looks as though I will have to make some more. I also picked up my much-wanted transparent fimo, which I've been waiting to buy forever to cover my glass jar. I got home and jumped right on it. Now it's done and I am so happy with how it turned out. I'm thinking I'll list it on my Etsy pretty soon.

Now that I've finished that jar, I want to keep going and going. I bought all this glass shit at the Mead's garage sale so I'm well-stocked. It's so relaxing when I have time to do it. I keep telling my mom that the weekend is my time, because school all week gets exhausting. She's okay with it. I'm really glad.

Although school sounds ideal, there's still a very large, gaping hole in me. As much as I try to forget it, it still comes back to me. I'd like to call attention to something that has been eating away at me for some time. Here goes:

It really hurts to lose people so quickly. Especially THREE people all at once. And feeling as though all the blame is on my behalf feels even worse. Did I do something wrong? What??? Please tell me what the fuck is so wrong with me that you won't even speak to me??? You guys seem pretty updated on eachother's lives, why not mine? What happened? The square has now turned into a triangle. A well-fortified triangle. I was kicked out. Excruciating pain. That's what I feel. Apparently no one else is affected. But maybe it's the whole 3-against-1 thing that makes me feel so fucking awful. I kind of feel like we were all standing on the edge of a cliff and I was the only one who fell.

I am, however, willing to put my broken heart aside and all other events behind me. If you simply don't like me anymore, then don't "force" yourselves to do anything for me. But if you see anything in me worth hanging out with, do me a favor. It would mean the world to me if I could see you guys sometime when you're all in town. I am genuinely apologetic for whatever I did to push anyone away. But if the repelling force has any weakness, please come back. After years of great memories and all the hours spent together, I think I at least deserve to know how everyone is doing.

Thank you, hope all is well.

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04:34pm 08/07/2008
mood: melancholy
Things have been okay.

In a quick sum-up:

I have money.
Kitty's got an infection.
I have new art supplies.
Jay's gone.
I have many projects to do.
Nadal won.
I might apply to Michaels.
My watercolor class starts tonight.
I wish I had a kayak of my own.
I love Crispix.
I bought a movie I've never seen before.
There's no good mail anymore.
I've got some hydrating lip oil.
Caricatures are back.
I want to do Fimo very badly.
I am getting back into printmaking.
I can't wait to make stationery.
I want to start making paper.
I want to make more friends.
The gopher is ruining everything.
I want to be outside more.
A sketchbook is waiting to be filled.
The pool is waiting to be jumped in.

There are too many things I want to do before the summer ends. We'll see what gets done.

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09:37pm 24/06/2008
mood: depressed
Sometimes when I'm at Curves, I wish I could play Sorry!. I look at the woman who is at the machine where I end my circuit, and I wish I could take her place and send her back to the start. It's very cruel. But I really don't have much to think about when I'm working out. I get pretty bored. It's fun to make up stories, scenarios.

I paced around for about an hour today, while my mom was watching tennis. I kept walking into the living room and back out because I didn't know what to do.

I'm not used to having artistic freedom. This is what's making me so insane. This is why I can't just paint what I want to. I hate it. I'm so used to having guidelines from AP Art, or a photo to paint from for somebody. It's fucking pathetic. I can't stand it.

I don't know what I want. How am I supposed to be an artist when I can't even think of something by myself? I'm very scared right now. What if I'm just a copy machine? Is that what it's come to now? What the fuck am I doing?? I don't understand this. I need to go somewhere where I can be inspired to create something original. I want to. I'm desperate.

Ionut, let's start that art challenge.

I'm falling behind. I need to get back on track. Damn those fucking open houses. Too much fantastic, wonderful, delicious food. Fuckity fuck face.

I really don't know what to do anymore. Life feels like it's just a continuous circle right now. Every week is the same exact thing. I can't take it. Everything's already been done. There's nothing new. Goddamnit.

Babysitting. Meredith and the Schillings. If Beth doesn't put that fucking price back up to $50, I don't know what I'll do. I'm sure I could find tons more babysitting jobs if I look. I wouldn't be entirely disappointed if I gave up looking after these three kids. I can honestly say I wouldn't miss them. Sad. But true. After all, I've only babysat them twice. So whatever. If it doesn't work out, then fine. But there's no way in hell I'm babysitting three kids for $4.70 and hour.

I don't have anything to say anymore. That's how much shit is going on in my life right now. Exactly. None. I have to find something to do or else I'm really going to drive myself crazy. Maybe that'll be more interesting than now. Howard Hughes, want some more quarantine???

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Have fire, will cook   
11:26pm 26/05/2008
mood: content

Graduation love me some. It wasn't too eventful, but it was still nice to get the final word. After-Grad was better than $100 of shit could ever be. After-Grad equaled Friday's, about 5,000 "Congrats", a stroll in Downtown GR, and a dream fulfilled: I got pied in the face. Suck on THAT REAL AFTER-GRAD!!!!!

Before I set off to graduation my parents gave me some gifts. I got a digital camera, which was so incredibly wonderful. My grandma gave me an iPod and a large sum of money, and I couldn't help but break down and start bawling. I just couldn't understand that these things I didn't have came to me all at once. It was overwhelming and I am so grateful for everything.

Now on to a lighter note.

Camping made me want to stay in Hemlock loop for eternity. Although the water was shut off this time around and we had to resort to the outhouse down the road instead of the running toilets, it all turned out okay. The cast: Michael, Bonnie, Dave, Susan, Maris, my mom and me. Not a lot of people considering the mega population that used to inhabit our campsites in the yester-years. But it still rocked ass.

We managed to dodge the usual rainstorm that hits every Memorial Day weekend. It was really windy and overcast on Sunday evening, so we decided to pack up shit in case of rain. It sprinkled, but nothing bad at all. It was nice. Michael told a choppy Thumbless Paul, but I still loved it. The sky was clear Saturday night and you could practically see the entire universe. Unfortunately, I was too tired by that time to go down to the beach to star-gaze. Shitskers.

I tried really hard to read the biography of Al Capone I checked out at the library. I was determined. Obviously, not enough, and my short attention span got the best of me.

I was able to familiarize myself with my new Ipod, and realized that I am in love with it. I plan to put tons of shit on it, and possibly even buy some Mah-Jong. Ooooh!! That would be so radical.

Tomorrow I will go to Curves and probably take some bottles and cans back for some extra dough. Then I have to make a call to Andrea and Toni to go to tea. I'm so excited. YUM.

Then it's back to the homestead to work on Graduation Invitations. I went through my art from when I was a kiddie and also all my papers and worksheets from elementary school. It was a nice time travel. I have to decide what I'm using everything for, but mostly hanging a timeline of art on the walls and under plastic tablecloths on the tables. I am stoked.

After finally being able to take a shower and some delicious Frosted Flakes, it's my time to get some sleep. I can't wait for potential cucumber sandwiches!!!

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10:26pm 20/05/2008
mood: discontent
I guess it's been too long.

New computer, which means the old mac is mine. YES.

No more school. Feels good. No more B Falcon. Feels better.

Let's see......I'm not so much in the mood to update months and months of living. I'm just going to disregard the past.

Things have been somewhat alright lately. I don't quite know what to do with myself yet. With all this free time, it's like getting off the moving sidewalk at the airport and stepping onto the regular floor. I guess I feel like something's missing. I don't know what. I wish I did.

I'm feeling very uncomfortable right now. I don't have any money, and everything feels so unfinished. I started cleaning my room but didn't finish. Nothing's organized. I'm still waiting for a reply from the Asparagus Festival, although I'm thinking a booth might set me back a little bit. The Strawberry Festival's off, as it's a gazillion miles away and $75 for a booth. I've got to make presents for grad parties. There too many dates to remember. I don't know. I might go insane.

It's now that I look back and regret spending money on pointless things. I spent it because I had it. Then I had to get a car and all of the money I saved disappeared. Hopefully I'll be able to rack up some money from graduation and feel more secure. Until then, I feel like I'm on the edge of a cliff. I'm slipping.

I updated my library card. Having one feels awesome. They still had my name in the books from when I was little. The librarian who handled my card treated me like I was an outsider. I asked if I could use the computer, then asked if I had to have a library card. She stopped and looked at me for a few seconds like I was stupid, then continued with the process. It was sort of weird.

Graduation. Vegetation. Meditation. Concentration. Inspiration. Information.

We go camping this Saturday. It's going to be totally BOSS. Maris will hopefully be coming over Friday and leaving with us Saturday morn. I miss Manistee so much. I will finally get to go back. Oh, Pirate's Cove. How I love you.

Maybe the wilderness will give me the answer to my empty space problem. Maybe this space will be filled. If not, then, what the hell. At least I'll be away from the technology that consumes my daily life. Especially this new, bitch-ass, awesome, enormous, beautiful shit computer. It's SO incredible. I just can't look away.

Manistee = 3 days = escape = tranquility = beach = book = [hopefully] a new outlook on things.

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02:38pm 26/01/2008
mood: whatever
So I'm sitting here in Ann Arbor, in this beautiful hotel on my aunt's laptop. We came here yesterday for the folk festival, and the priviledged life will end tomorrow morning.

So we got this hotel room free, it pretty much rocks. Jonathan MC-ed yesterday, it was pretty funny. We saw Brian Vander Ark, who is the lead singer of The Verve Pipe, and he was SO awesome. I loved his voice so much and he's really talented.

So I wanted to meet him really bad and get my picture taken with him. He also shared the prep room with Jonathan. Anyways, we were sitting in our room this morning, when my dad comes up after being down in the lobby forever. And he says, casually, "So, I was just talking to Brian....Brian Van....Vander whatever. We just had a long conversation. He's a pretty cool guy."

And I say, "What?! Why didn't you tell him that I wanted a picture and stuff?!?!", and my dad said he didn't know. Mhm. Like I wasn't talking about it forever and walking everywhere with camera in hand. It would have worked out if Brian wasn't leaving to go to Canada or wherever he was going. I was so pissed. I wish I would've been down there!!!! I just missed that chance. Bah humbug.

Moving on I guess. We also saw Natalia Zukerman perform, and she was amazing! I had never heard of her, so it was a pleasant surprise. She was really cool and had really witty things to say. Her voice was beautiful, I loved it. Yess..

And now the most disappointing news of the night: Ben Folds. DAMNIT! Yes, he was really good, always has something witty to say, and he can play the piano like a madman. BUT, as we found out from Amy and Jonathan, he's a real douschbag and has an ego the size of Jupiter. It sucked so hard, because the whole way through I was just thinking about how conceited he was. Yikes.

Here's the real scoop about Ben Folds. First of all, he basically renamed the Ann Arbor Folk Festival the "Ben Folds Show". No joke. That's what his people call it. Which couldn't be farther from the truth. It's a festival to showcase various talents, and is meant to be all cool and laid back, and everyone's equal. Apparently that message wasn't received by Ben Folds and his posse.

And then, his people ordered that no one was allowed to touch Ben's piano. Which, by the way, wasn't even his piano. It was the venue's piano. But this is obviously the Ben Folds show, and "his" piano would be completely destroyed should it be touched by mere mortals. I guess it's just common knowledge......GAG.

Ben's publicist and everyone even had the nerve to tell Jon, who as the MC, introduces everyone, that "Ben Folds doesn't get introduced". Holy shit. It was horrible. So Jon had to stand on stage and say "The next act will be coming up in a few minutes". Which then led into five minutes of an empty stage, and people cheering and screaming for Ben. Which is exactly what he wanted. He wanted to be begged for. He wanted the crowd to go wild for him.

And everyone working even said that time was running short that night, and things were going over the estimated time. But Ben kept stalling, waiting for everyone to go crazy for him, building up the suspense so he could finally walk out on stage and look untouchable and invinsible. It's sick, really. What an egotistical bastard.

So basically, Ben Folds thinks he's God. It's ridiculous. It's hard when I grew up loving Ben Folds Five, and now I know the real Ben Folds. Damnit. Why. Gross.

Nevertheless, I'll continue to love the band, however horrible that man is. It'll be a little difficult though, because I'll still be reminded of the actual guy that is hidden under those cool clothes, cute face, and musical talent. What a shame.

Anyways...it's fun being here. Tonight we get to see Shawn Colvin and Emmylou Harris, and Patty Griffin. It'll be cool cool.

Tomorrow we'll be coming back and going straight to Kendall for the Scholastic awards. Sweet. Hopefully all of tomorrow's activities will still leave me time to work on my chair and memorize my lines for Oliver.

Till then...my hands are fucking freezing!!!

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09:10pm 13/01/2008
mood: stressed
Wowsers. Last week was in hyperdrive. I don't even remember what happened. So fast.

Which only means this week will be extremely slow. Slower than molasses!

I got my to-do list sitting in front of me. It'll be on me at all times. There's too much shit to think about, so having a krinkled piece of lined paper with permanent marker drawings and homework/exam shit on it is my solution.

Please enter cliche phrase here: ---> So many things, so little time.

But it's too true.

My rehearsal schedule is obvious that Duiven doesn't give a shit about us doing well on exams, or even staying sane for that matter. Looks like I'll be hauling books into the choir room for when I have five minutes at the most to lightning read. Goddamn shitface.

Harry Houdini and Howard Hughes. My art projects should all have H-alliteration. It'd be fun. And I'm off to a great start.

I am yearning for the day where I will finally be able to return to my fimo food endeavor. Every day I look at my tupperware containers of clay, and my pasta machine, and my flexible razor blade, and my shape cutters, and the avocado, strawberry, pizza, steak, and cake. I see them and think, "I want to be doing that right now". But then I have to tell myself that I can't, on account of school sucks.

Just get through this week. Get through it and everything will be A-OK.

If my brain explodes, please tell me.

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11:11pm 28/12/2007
mood: scatterbrained
Sometimes I'm in a state of mixed emotions. It is exactly what's happening these days. I finally sat down today and thought about it. I thought, am I sad? Happy? Depressed? Content? I couldn't answer myself. How the fuck am I feeling right now? Hmm..

Christmas certainly did not feel like Christmas. It came too quickly, and it probably felt that way because I was in such a busy rush from the minute school got out to the morning of Christmas Eve. I had to finish last minute shit, including Christmas presents for friends to give to their parents and fimo stocking stuffers.

I was getting ready for bed the night before Christmas Eve, and realized that I was so busy and scatterbrained, that I forgot about presents for my parents and my brother. I had started writing a poem for my family, explaining the lack of gifts from me to them, but after about an hour scrapped it and went up to my loft. I ended up staying up all night until 5 in the morning making them stuff out of fimo. I couldn't believe it. That for one I forgot about presents, and second that I stayed up ALL night. I think I had superpowers for a minute. At least I had my tiny tv to keep me company.

But anyway, Christmas. Was really really nice. Eve was at Kerry and Scott's. It was sweet, I spent a good percent of the night with Meredith. Oh Meredith, how I love her so. And Christmas day was fun as well. Brady, Eli, and Chase were, as usual, freaking awesome. And gifts equaled YES. Toys, Boy Meets World Season 3, This Is England, Holy Grail, Paris je T'aime, Free massage, Production Premium. It was fucking great.

Maris is coming over tomorrow. It really has been way too long since we last hung out. We'll watch movies, go to the Corner Bar. The usual. And there will be a little fimo bonanza somewhere in there too.

Speaking of fimo blowout bonanza, I need to begin the arrangements with Laura. And also squeeze the 90s dance party with Josh in as well. God, look at all these things undone.

New Years is coming up. Don't know what I'm doing. Chad wants me to babysit. At first I told him I would most likely be busy, but now I think I would want to jump on the opportunity to hang out with the boys. I probably won't be seeing them until something like 2 months or so from now.

I gotta get out of here. My life is really jumbled and I don't know what the fuck I'm doing with myself. I feel like there's something missing. Something really big, but I don't know what it is. I need to get my shit together. I need to stop wasting time. Wasting life. It's too short. I am sitting in a spider web, but it has a huge hole in it. If I don't find something to fill the gap, I'll fall through and get stomped on.

What a horrible analogy. It's all I could think of.

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09:13pm 04/12/2007
mood: crappy
Thanksgiving was nice. The kids were great. On both sides. The fam was top notch as well. It was a fantastic holiday and a delicious one at that.

Got my part in the musical. Got my own character. Got my own song. Wha wha wha wha. It is awesome. I auditioned, and after callbacks I realized how much I wanted that role. And I have it in my hands. I am really excited to make Mrs. Sowerberry kick ass.

I don't want them sweet,
I don't want them bitter,
I want my berries so sour..
You need a babysitter.

Ms. Kent hates our AP Art class. She wants to kill us. End of story. It's actually sort of humorous. But don't tell her that. Barb...uhh..what are you doing with that linoleum cutter? Wha?! NOOOO!!! And we're gone. At least we've got Laura's happy birthday balloons to Mmbop with.

So I found out a few days ago that I can't go to Kendall first year. They don't accept my Meap money. GREAT. Hopefully all will go somewhat alright, though not as planned. Looks like CC is on the agenda.

I can't really tell where life is at this point. I feel like every word that comes out of my mouth is stupid and pointless. Either my brain is just dumb, or my mouth is betraying me and switching my words around to make them as annoying as possible. Either way, I think I should just stop talking just to be safe. I don't think anyone would miss it.

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08:41pm 20/11/2007
mood: okay
It's been so long. And nothing has really happened.

Saw the play.......iffy. Pretty iffy like jiffy. And nothing really more to say about that.

Now it is Thanksgiving break. THANK goodness. I still have to think about school, but at least not as much. With all this time, I'm not sure I will know what to do with myself. Perhaps I will try to recall something I wanted to do, but couldn't on account of school and such. Hmmm...

Let's see....filming tomorrow. Yess. Cool......

Thanksgiving with my dad's side. I finally get to see Brady, Eli, and Chase. GOD. It's been like, a fucking year or so. I need to see them so bad. This whole annual visitation is really killing me. Why do they torture me with only being able to see my cousins every blue moon?! Damnit Chad. He needs to learn that his cousin is sitting here, open to babysit any time. ANY time.

That was a rant. I just haven't seen those kids in so long and I miss their awesomeness.

Andrew brought his kitten home for break. SO cute, she's so fragile and fuzzy. Ahh! She doesn't know me so she bites sometimes. But she's so small that it doesn't hurt at all. Mags. Awww...

Well my life has been very slow lately. Like molasses. I have no idea what I'm doing, what my future is, who I am....etcetera etcetera. I need to get rid of distractions so I can take an identity vacation. Because I really don't know anything at all.

Some day I'll go to college, I'll have an artistic identity, and maybe even style..... I'll have my Freaks and Geeks DVD.....everything will be sorted out.

Until then.....well....I am just scatterbrained.

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09:16pm 21/10/2007
  I need to get away from this place.

Somewhere to be alone.

I need a white room.

Complete with canvas and paint.

And the stereo blasting.

Let the paint comfort me.

I need to escape.

To a lonely room.

With a box of color to keep me company.

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09:38pm 16/10/2007
mood: okay
Homecoming was a blur.

It was like a sess pool. A sick, gross mosh pit of saliva, sweat and water.

There was a reoccuring face, he seemed to be everywhere I went. He had the face of Shia LaBeouf and the hair of Bill Maher. It was so weird. It was like a mix of a kid and a 40 year old. Everytime I saw him I couldn't help but giggle. Odd. And he was alone every time I saw him. Aww. I wonder if I'll ever see him again. I want to be friends with him. Haha.

Nothing much has been happening.

I went to the art museum, yeah!

It was a-mazing. SO huge. But SO beautiful. Andy Warhol's Endangered Species. Ahhh. So good.

Van Allsburg had an exhibit there. It was gorgeous. His illustrations are mesmorizing. Love it.

Last art class is this Saturday. Sad. It was fun while it lasted. A great birthday gift. I learned a whole lot. NANCY.

The days are long and not very memorable. At least tomorrow means half-day. It also means Young Dems, lunch, and a UICA movie that is sure to be good.

Tomorrow I have to debate. So much stuff to read, it was overwhelming. The War in Iraq. It's pretty fucked up.

I spend my night with Blackwater and Insurgents.

Waiting for a rainstorm to wash away all of my troubles. Or maybe just some homework for starters.

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An Entry With a Wide Span.   
08:42pm 19/09/2007
mood: blah
A lot of things.

Cam's painting has been done for a couple weeks. We had a big surprise reveal at my aunt Sandy and uncle Ric's house. Everyone really liked it. So now that that's out of the way, I have a feng-shuied (and clean) room to look at. Yay.

School started. Yeah. That's about it.

Two weeks into it and I'm already swamped. It seems my "fun and interesting" schedule has turned into "interesting but difficult and not that incredibly and fantastically fun". Let's seee...

Euro History is cool, except for the book being boring as hell. It's Sister Wendy-packed and Art-galore. Just to my liking.

Government is hilarious, and that's pretty much it.

Sociology is a total bore, and the reading material is stupid. Every day it's "Get with a partner" or "Get in a group"....sick.

World Conflicts is a really cool class. It's a lot of work.

Multimedia is my most excellently favorite class. We didn't get to use the computers for about a week, because the computers didn't have Flash and stuff on them. But now they do. And I can't stop. It's sooo awesome and addicting. Yup.

And....AP art. It's awesome because everyone's in that class. It sucks because Ms. Kent doesn't really know anything, especially how to communicate projects to people. That's all I'm going to say.


Yesterday was my first oil painting class at Kendall, as my early birthday present. It was awesome!! I got a lot of feedback and the instructor is okay. She is kind of weird and a little intimidating, but we'll see where it goes.

So Andrea, Hannah and I are going to do Flight of the Conchords for the Variety Show. It has become a lot harder than we thought it would. With our lack of timing and expressions, it seems we need to step it up a lot. So let's get started. Yesterday Andrea, Hannah, Tracey and I had a total dance party. It was amazing. Later in the night Kelsey Lewis and Nicole Taylor surprisingly showed up and danced for a song. It was cool.



Note that this has autosaved itself about 50 times and I've restored the draft about 5 times. So...some stuff is totally outdated. I mean, like, soo yesterday!

Auditions. Were yesterday. I hadn't even thought about them much during the day, but then it came down to crunch-time and my stomach was turning a million times. Anywaysss, I think I did fairly okay. I read only once, and I was the only one who read for Clelia. So, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Or maybe KP knows me well enough to know I don't fit the character. Ugh. I don't know. I will find out tomorrow if I made callbacks. Soo.....yeah. Whatever. Just don't think about it, Amy.

So. Filming. Was today. And it was my first attempt at trying to be more involved. I think I contributed. So that's good. Whoo-hoo.

Oh yeah! I volunteered at a UICA event, where they basically ask rich people for their money. Yess. I got to go to the Blodgett Estate, which is--not exaggerating--a mansion. It was amazing. Art in every room, and it was real real. A REAL Warhol Soup Can, Lichtenstein, Picasso, and Calder. AHHHH. I just about died. Spiral staircase, beautiful marble floors, huge library full of books, tennis court, HUGE backyard leading to the lake, their own topiary maze, and a million other things.

There were all these crazy professional rich-ass people, it was so awesome. I was the greeter, so I got to see everyone coming in. There were these two guys who looked like they were in the secret service. They had black sunglasses and suits. It was sweet. This other lady had a crazy poof of grey hair and sunglasses. She looked pretty glamorous. This one couple pulled up in their Ferrari, and all the guys I was working with (other ArtWorks students, specifically Luis and Ja-Quari, and then Luis' brother, Luis. Hahaha) took eachother's pictures next to the car. It was so hilarious.

Well, we got to have some of the food, and it was A-Mazing. I'm pretty sure I at Escargo. It was disgusting. But, between shishkabobs and delicious fruit, it was all good.

So Wendy came. Haha. It was so funny when she walked in, I just waved a little bit and she was like "AHH!! Amy!!" and she gave me a hug. Haha. Her cousin owns this mansion, you see. Ugh. Not fair.

And guess who else decided to show up?? HOPWOOD DUPREE! Holy shit. It was amazing. He was like, 2 inches away from me. I was awestruck. Pretty cool, man. AND, he's pretty fucking good-looking. Holy shit. HOT. Sorry, two T's....HOTT.

My Ipod died. I don't have the thing that plugs into the wall, it's lost. So...I can't listen to music at school or whatever until the weekend when Andrew comes home. Boo.

I also don't have a stereo yet, or my art supplies for my oil painting class. Anyone want to go to Michael's with me? Before Saturday 12:00?? Hmm...

Speaking of Andrew, I was a model for like, and hour. With my car too. Nancy's a star!!!!! Andrew had to do a photoshoot for his photography class, and I got to model. Whoo....haha. I used all my tips from Tyra, OBVIOUSLY. Because she's the greatest thing ever made. HAHAHAAHAHA.

Anyways, that was coool.

MARTIN SEXTON ON SATURDAY!!! I'm so fucking Jessica Stoked.

Let's seeeeeee....

Something will come to mind right after I click Post.

So let's just leave it at this.

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07:16pm 31/08/2007
mood: content

Umm.. I guess we'll start with Art Out Loud. Unfortunately, everyone decided to bail, on account of no money. Oh well. I did some caricatures and made some money, half of which was taken for the whole "benefit" part of the event. I sold 25 pins. Mid-Life Crisis was questionable. Domestic Problems was, as always, amazing. Hung out with Micah, Jay, Trevor and Camille. Went down to the secret passageway in the room. Had some pizza. Watched some little 5-year old boy play guitar right next to the stage, so cute. And blah blah blah.

So I babysat Cam for two days. And man, he's a hassle. The first day, he decided to waste all the paint he had (which wasn't very much to begin with, that no-art bastard...kidding), pouring it out on the cardboard and rubbing it on his hands and arms. I had to clean up majorly, including tempera paint out of the rug. Greeaaatt.

But we watched Baby's Day Out, and it was great. Oh how I love that movie.

The next time around, it was a little better. Jack came over and we went to the park. Afterwards, we played basketball, baseball, and tennis. I was able to crack down a little bit and Cam listened to me, for the most part.

So whatever.

Almost done with Cam's painting, and I think we're going to reveal it on Sunday at the family party.

We've been filming, and the movie looks pretty awesome so far. I actually have a real job now, after doing nothing the first time. I'm really excited.

The Uncle Ray party was awesome. I got to see everyone again, minus Autumn. Damn it. But it still rocked hardcore. We bashed the shit out of Uncle Ray, only to find that all the chocolate inside had melted. Hmm..anyways...we swam. We talked. We partied. It was a great night.

Tomorrow, my mom and I will be off to Michael's, so I can get some molding supplies to make the finger, and also some pinbacks. I can't wait.

Laugh hard it's a long ways to the bank.

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10:24pm 19/08/2007
mood: busy
So. Yeah.



Hmm.....what has been going on?

My parents and I went to Cincinnatti on Wednesday to the ATP Masters Series....in other words, a tennis tournament. It was pretty cool, because we got to see EVERYONE. The top 25 men...Roddick, Federer, Djokovic, Hewitt, the Bryan brothers, Baghdatis, on and on and on.

But, it was absolutely blistering hot. And humid on top of that. The temperature reached 101, I believe, and 115 on the court. OUCH! So yeah. That sucked. Especially the part when I had to go to First Aid because I felt like I was going to throw up and pass out. So I had to lay on the hospital bed with a cold pack on my back, beside several other people with the same condition. One lady was like, crying because she felt so humiliated being there.

I sort of felt embarrassed as well, because of the fact that I was a wuss and had to go to First Aid. Whatever. So they gave me tons of Powerade to get my electrolites up. And then, finally, I got out, feeling slightly better. About an hour and a half later I had to go to the bathroom and my mom says energetically "Oh Goody!! That means you've been drinking!!!"...Hahahahaha. Oh god. So funny.

So we went to the Marriott for breakfast, which was horrible by the way....anyways, we were walking out when I saw a familiar face.....and who should that face belong to but RAFAEL NADAL. What the holy fuck!!!! I was within ten feet of the handsome #2 Spaniard. Holy shit. It was AMAZING. And this was right after my mom told me we wouldn't be able to see him because he injured his wrist...... SIGH........

Well the trip was great, although I don't think I'll ever do it again. After my incident, and two straight days of tennis, I think I'm a little worn out. But thanks Mom.

Blah blah blah.

I've been doing quite a bit of art lately. I just finished a huge batch of pins today for Art Out Loud. I can't wait, although I am horribly nervous for caricatures. Fuck!! I am terrified that I'm not going to do well. Ugh. I hope my pins sell, though. My mom says if I were to sell all of my pins, I would probably make $400 or so. Wtf?! Okay. That's cool. But I don't think my sales will go well. I'm hoping people will be attracted to them, but I can't be certain. Whatever. I am fucking stoked for Domestic Problems. Yeah!

So I have like, $180 from paintings. Yesss. As soon as I finish Cam's painting, I'll be sliding into home plate with some money to deposit. Aha! Awesome.

I have a ton of dates to remember. Luckily, I have my trusty calendar on my phone to remind me. Tomorrow is lunch with the Rumors girls. Next, we have yummy orientation. Then it's off to Art Out Loud. Followed by babysitting. Then more babysitting. And we'll top that off with a cast party (with Uncle Ray mutilation as an added bonus).

Sounds mighty tasty to me. EAT IT UP.

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I got burnt by a rope.   
10:21pm 13/08/2007
mood: worried
Seaton's Creek was A-okay.
Made up an astrononmical story about how we got hit by a buck/moose/elephant to explain the bashed-in side of the van.
Swam across a raging river and got a clay rub.
Saw 2 shooting stars.
After hours of thunder and lightning, got up in the middle of the night with my parents to put the tarp over the tent, only to
find that it rained for about 5 minutes.
Watched as Barb and Shelley got completely smashed, and Barb decided to give me some life advice.
Played volleyball on God's Own Volleyball Court...and had a wipe-out.
Damn firepit!
Swam in the most beautiful water. I felt like I was in a foreign country. AMAZING.

Mum and I went shopping today. Imagine to her liking I stayed pleasant the whole time. I got this $10 dress that I'm absolutely CRAZY about. Whoo!! And here it goes to Cincinnatti.

I'm in love with Metric right now. I can't stop listening to their new cd. It's so damn good! Mmmmm.

Just about 10 shooting stars last night. Awesome.

Andrew backed out of Cinci because he just started working at the Viking. So I guess it's just me and my parents again.

Tomorrow will be some painting and then Paprika with Chris. UICA best have that projector fixed! And they better not be rejecting my 16-year old ass!

August 22nd, I'm fucking scared. I tried drawing some more caricatures up at Seaton's Creek but it didn't work. So this is going to suck. I feel like I'm going to humiliate myself and let everyone down. God damnit!

I need to make more pins to sell too. I hope I don't have to write down each individual pin and its price. Ha! Fuck that.

When you walk, you move like Moses.
When you look, you look like Red Roses.

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09:36am 09/08/2007
mood: blah

So I spent a week up at our cottage, with my mom and dad. Once for Maris, Myles, and Eli, but other than that it was just me. I got a lot of painting done, I actually started reading Andy Warhol's book and got pretty far.

One week. Every single day: blue skies, hot and sunny. Yup. Pretty much amazing. And wouldn't you know that it was overcast on the LAST DAY. Ha.

We swam every day in Lake Michigan, and it got warmer as the week progressed. By the second to last day it was bathwater. We couldn't get out.

Basically nothing really happened up there. We could do whatever the fuck we wanted to and it felt really good. But I was kind of weirded out that I didn't have any restraints. It was great though.

A little ways down the beach was Pat Rademacher's cottage, go figure. We saw his mom once sitting on the beach, tan as ever. It was scary, haha. And it turns out that everybody had been up there just a week before. And they had a shitty weather week. HA! Sucks for them. Anyways, I thought that was humorous.

Let's see. There has been a lot of hanging out, it's pretty nice. With dominoes, Schuler's, password, Bronx smoking 40 year old, Valet, and roaming the streets of GR late at night, I'm pretty content. Hannah, why are you Feng-Shui-ing my dominoes?

This weekend we're going up to Seaton's Creek. With Annie, Cory, and maybe Abby. It'll be nice.

Next week is Cincinnatti. The whole family (wow that's really rare) is going down there and we're going to see all the big boys play. Roddick! Federer! Nadal! Ahhh!!!! It'll be SO awesome. I'm pretty Jessica Stoked.

Haha, remember that movie?? Inamorato?? Yeah. I haven't been a part of it for the longest time. Soooo funny!!!! Ha! So uh....when's the uh...next shooting?? Hmm?? Um. Yup. Thought so.

Today: Painting. Painting......and umm....Painting.

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05:36pm 27/07/2007
mood: crappy
Time continues to go by and I realize I have no life.

UICA ArtWorks is over, and I'm going to miss Trevor, Angela, and Alexis. I never got to know Marne or Danielle very well but whatever. I'm going to miss all of Alicia's crazy antics, although yesterday I had to completely babysit her while she nearly broke the button machine, and Beckah had to designate me as the only person who could use it. Alicia was a horrible nightmare. I can't even explain it. She backtalked to Michael and Beckah, and had to be pulled out into the hall about 10 times. I was seriously going insane. I had to watch her every move or else she would break something or do something wrong. Everything I said was taken into extremes and I had to deal with it all. Ughhhh. Etcetera etcetera.

But now she's gone. Thank god. But only until August 22nd, where nearly everyone will be at the event and it'll be a mini reunion. It'll be nice seeing Angela and Trevor again. We are sharing a booth, you see. Yesss. I have to get more familiar with the caricature world so I can be comfortable with doing it for an hour and a half. Plus Domestic Problems will grace everyone with their presence. I'm pretty stoked.

So I'm going to be leaving tomorrow to go to my cottage for a week. With nothing to do but paint. I guess it'll be my art vacation. Because I doubt there will be anything else to do up there that's remotely interesting. Maybe the Russians will be there. I can only hope.

So that's about it. Right now my life is blank. Nothing good is really going on.

Maybe the new month will bring some color and excitement.

Till then, I'm still living in black and white.

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11:58am 14/07/2007
mood: gloomy
It has been more than a week. But there's not much to say.

I have nearly forgotten what has been going on these past few days. Either I've wasted all my time or filled it to the brim. I can't remember.

Relay for Life was yesterday. I did four caricatures and that was about it. No one bought my pins, which, by the way, I spent hours making. FOR NOTHING. I was kind of pissed.

These days have been quite friendless. More family-oriented.

I have been working at UICA and we have two weeks left. We have four more panels to do and we've already done six. With two people working on one panel, it can get done in about 2 days. Soo....yeah. We're way ahead of schedule. So Monday and Tuesday we're going to work in the clay studio right down the hall from our room, and we get some Terra Cotta to work with. I'm so excited. Going back to Pottery class!! Oh, how I missed it so. YEA!

Also, Becca told us we'd be going to Service Repro someday for a field trip, because we're going to be doing some projects for Art Out Loud on August 22nd. AND, we'd be getting some spending money to boot. AHH!!!! YESSSS!!! I am fucking stoked.

Jay and his group are planning Art Out Loud. They asked me to do caricatures. Say wha?! Yeah, I was really nervous at first but I drew everyone in my group and Relay helped too. So I guess I'm pretty ready now. They are also putting me down as an art vendor. Pins Pins Pins. I guess that'll make up for my lack of sales at Relay.

Today will be Cam's mural full blast. I need to work on it as it's been a couple days since I've touched it. Yeah. Gotta get going.

Also paintings. I have to get to Kelly's and Ayla's. Soon. Too much to do, and not enough time. Hey Sun!! Stay out longer! Moon: fuck off.

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